Experience & Leadership

Kurt’s leadership has taken place in a number of qualitatively different arenas: APA, other professional associations, and academe. Some aspects of his leadership are described below.

Kurt was only 34 when he was elected chairperson of the Department of Psychology at Fordham University. After the maximum of two consecutive terms as chair, he left Fordham to become Dean of Arts and Sciences (and Professor of Psychology) at the State University of New York at Oswego, where his College consisted of 19 academic departments, an art gallery, the librarians, an environmental research center, and a field station. His primary accomplishments were the development of some 10 new academic programs during that period to attract more students and help the University to grow (at a time of fiscal cutbacks) and the significant diversification of the faculty. After five years he became a vice president for academic affairs, first at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY and then the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX. In both cases he was among the first non-Catholic officers at Catholic institutions. In the case of one or both of the vice presidencies, his accomplishments included getting through regional accreditations, faculty and chair development workshops, yearlong new faculty member orientations, the implementation of electronic learning, the advancement of international study, the advent of outcomes assessment, and reviews of the general education curriculum. With nine years as a vice president under his belt, he became the Director of the Buros Center for Testing at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Throughout his service as an academic leader, Kurt was identified with a strong support for academics, for scholarship, for concerns for teaching, and for balance. It is because of the success of his leadership in the educational context that he wishes to advocate for psychological science, practice, teaching and public service.

Kurt has also demonstrated leadership in a variety of professional associations. He has held a variety of positions for Division 5 of APA (Measurement, Evaluation, and Statistics). He served two terms for that division on the Council of Representatives and had a variety of leadership roles, including chair of the Caucus for Scientific, Academic, and Applied Research Psychology. For the National Council on Measurement in Education, he has been a program co-chair. He represented APA as well as the American Educational Research Association and the National Council on Measurement in Education on the International Standard Organization’s Committee to establish an international standard (or set of standards) on testing. He has recently joined a national commission, the Council on Accreditation of Education Professions’ Commission on Standards and Performance Reporting, a commission tasked with developing standards against which all education programs will be judged.

Kurt has also served as president of the Northeastern Educational Research Association, as Chair of the Board for the Graduate Record Examination and as chair of a great number of committees.