Rumors suggest that running for the presidency of the American Psychological Association requires the ability to cover some significant costs. The figure of $10,000 is sometimes mentioned. This requirement causes candidates to seek external funds for divisions, state associations and other similar groups or to decide not to run. Kurt believes, like many others, that these requests for funding may seem to have influence on later presidential decision-making, a consideration that has led to discussions in Council of Representative meetings over public accounting for these funds. Kurt believes that these requests for funds may have affected APA elections in a negative way. Therefore, his is taking a stand in this regard.

He says the following:

“I will not accept donations for my candidacy. Rather, if someone wishes to support my candidacy, I would ask them to donate funds to a charitable organization.

I have been the Board Liaison to the American Psychological Foundation and have donated in honor of the memories of my father (Dr. Karl W. Geisinger), a good friend whom I had hired at Fordham (Dr. Kevin Moreland), and the wife of a famous psychologist (Professor Marjorie Suhs Brewer, wife of Dr. Charles Brewer) over the past fifteen years or so. Because I support the Foundation both financially and in principle (because it represents one of the best ways to support the future of our profession), I was honored to serve as the Board’s liaison to the APF board for the 2011 and 2012 years and currently serve on their Capitol Campaign Committee. Please consider making a donation to the Foundation.

In short, I am not accepting donations. This decision does NOT mean I am not willing to listen to requests from members; it only means that no one can buy my time. And, frankly, I think there are more worthy sources than my campaign, or anyone’s campaign.

Please note: I would love your support, just not financially.