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and His Fit to the APA Presidency!

I am pleased and truly honored to be running for the presidency of the American Psychological Association (APA). Thank you for visiting my site! Many of us who have worked for APA for many years see the organization as structured around the four directorates: Science, Practice, Education, and Public Interest. I do too. Many of us see ourselves aligned with one directorate more than the others. But we need to integrate them among members to a greater extent.

My decision to run for the APA presidency, however, reflects the next step in my ongoing desire, a desire that was fed early in my career by my long weekly conversations with my senior colleague and friend, Anne Anastasi, with whom I worked at Fordham after I was hired. I was hired in part in the attempt to replace her at that institution. She talked animatedly about her goal to unite our profession of psychology from all the splintering that was going on in the 1980s. That spirit now serves as mine too. It also reflects my desire to continue to advocate on behalf of psychology in terms of its four foci: science, practice, education, and public interest. My goal is that there should be:

One Psychology

Advocating for psychology must bridge seamlessly across the domains. If we advocate for practice BY emphasizing our scientific underpinning, then both clinicians AND researchers become more effective and have higher status.. If we advocate for scientific research funding for psychology without the belief that psychology can actually change and improve society, we sell ourselves short. We need to continue to advocate for funding for graduate education and for continuation of undergraduate psychology, which has been under fire in at least one state. I am ready to serve as a major representative and spokesperson for psychology, just as I have for departments, schools, and academics at the universities where I have worked and to work with APA staff and others in this role. I am especially eager to advocate for and empower the underserved and underrepresented in our society. As a psychologist, my career has included a unusual balance of science, practice, education, and public interest activities, and integrating my efforts in these four key domains of psychology remains of paramount importance and interest to me. As someone who works in areas of psychology dealing primarily with testing, I have advocated for improved clinical services and more appropriate levels of reimbursement for psychologists and will continue to do so.

Let me take this opportunity to share with you some information about my professional background. Please come back to this website often as it adds more and more information.

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